Flower Bouquet

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Our fresh bouquets are made with more than just love! As one of our favourites, we love to create fresh hand-tied bouquets because they are so effortlessly pretty. They are easy to transport about leaves a hard to forget impression.

They do not come with a vase, so they are perfect for someone who has a pretty vase at home already!



Flower Bouquet

Our fresh cut hand bouquets comes hydrated with a water source, however, it is best to get your flowers into a vase as soon as you can.  Make sure your vase is clean and all stems are submerged in water.

Flowers are just like us, they need water and love. Put your flowers in a cool place rather than hot, and they will flourish.
Our winter can be harsh on flowers, so keep your flowers wrapped so they are not exposed.
If you are taking an arrangement in the car, make sure to secure your floral package in case of water spills.

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