What makes Gerbera Daisy a Favourite?

“He loves me, he loves me not…..” we’ve all seen women on the big screen scratch their heads while they pick off the petals one by one, and the last one determines if their true love loves them back. This commonly known flower are called gerbera daisy. They’re big, bright, and colourful, and make me happy whenever I see one. Gerberas are a great choice for giving a single flower to someone, and relatively gender neutral (although I have discussed how giving flowers gender is weird and unnecessary, especially considering most flowers are labelled as hermaphrodites). Their clean lines and bold colours are a favourite for a lot of people. It’s hard not to love gerberas, they don’t cause people to sneeze , they look lovely in arrangements, hand-ties, and on their own, and they are rather long-lasting. Go gerberas go!

Really, they only thing you can say against gerberas is the fact that they can be a bit “top-heavy”, and will flop over if not supported. This shouldn’t hold us back, just because they need a supportive tube to stand up straight and feel good about themselves. It’s not like we abandon friends because they require a more supportive bra! Gerberas needing support is essentially they same thing, tubes are flower bras.

I realize this took a rather strange turn, but I’m letting it. Gerberas are great, and they will often require flower bras to keep them healthy if they’re on their own. Yes, that’s the final meaning of this post, I’m sticking with it.



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